The Entanglement is a blog on technology criticism by writer, editor and essayist Alex Roddie.

Alex works as an editor for the UK outdoor press, and also regularly works on book manuscripts. Alex writes on the subjects of backpacking, hillwalking, and the outdoors.

The roots of this blog go back to 2007 when Alex was studying for a degree in Computing Science at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, and had just begun his dissertation on the challenges facing the digital preservation of data. After years of sporadic study since his degree, it eventually became clear that many of the topics he’d read about – social media reform, increasing technological complexity, the relationship between technology and mental health – could all be traced back to a single concept, and that this concept has a name, thanks to the writing of computer scientist Danny Hillis. The Entanglement is loosely defined at the moment, but every field of study has to start somewhere – and this one has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Why does the world seem a dark and scary place right now if you spend enough time on the internet? Why have we lost control of our data and our privacy? Why are computers more complicated to use than ever before? Maybe it’s Entangled.…

This should be obvious, but here goes: all views here expressed here are my own views, and don’t reflect those of my clients.