Entangled reads, 7 December 2018

Digital minimalism, #O2down, Enlightened wall chargers, and if only the iPhone had a menu bar…

Social media reform

Facebook discussed cashing in on user data, emails suggest – it keeps getting worse for Facebook.

The problem with studies saying phones are bad for you – this piece makes some important points.

Technology and humanity

My New Book: Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport has a new book out! I’ve been looking forward to this.

Six Years With a Distraction-Free iPhone – I highly recommend this approach. It’s the only way I can use a smartphone and remain sane.

Millions of smartphones were taken offline yesterday by an expired certificate – the Entangled world in which we live.


RavPower’s tiny 45W gallium nitride charger almost sits flush with your wall – this appears to be a good example of Enlightenment technology, not Entanglement technology; that is, the new thing has many tangible benefits without causing new problems.

Proof That iOS Still Hasn’t Gotten Undo Right – this critique of iOS interface design is well worth reading. I’ve long believed that the now-defunct Palm OS, with its Mac-style menu bar, had a far better and more intuitive interface than the modern iOS. Gruber says: “iOS user interface conventions are so shallow, so widely and wildly inconsistent, that an app proclaimed by Apple as the very best of the year has to start, as the very first thing you see when you launch it, by teaching you how to use Undo. That’s a sad state of affairs.”

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Author: Alex Roddie

Writer and editor.