Entangled Reads, 10 November 2018

Burnout and screen time, another reminder to switch your notifications off, a computer faster than its own OS, and deepfakes in mainstream politics…

Deep Work and attention

Why doctors hate their computers – a fascinating study on the relationship between tech use and burnout in medical workers. The conclusion: one of the strongest predictors of burnout was how much time the doctor spent staring at a computer screen.

On Physician Burnout and the Plight of the Modern Knowledge Worker – Cal Newport’s take on the above story.

The Three Scientific Reasons You Shouldn’t Check Your Notifications – I find smartphone notifications intolerable, and have kept them all switched off since 2014. If you hate your smartphone, or if it makes you anxious, it’s possible that notifications are the specific cause of this reaction. Without notifications a smartphone becomes a lot less needy.

What Boredom Does to You – this is a longish piece, but it’s worth reading if you’re a Medium member. ‘People who are bored think more creatively than those who aren’t.’


Facebook Portal review: trust fail – I’ll say it again: if you buy one of these devices, you are a moron.

Faster than its own OS – Riccardo Mori takes a look at the new iPad Pro. ‘…a question that’s been nagging me – a question I still haven’t found a satisfactory answer to – is this: All this staggering performance… to do what, exactly?’

7,000 UK households still watching TV in black and white – while most people will have replaced their TVs countless times to obtain ‘upgrades’ of questionable value, a few thousand holdouts are sticking with technology that just does its job. Fair play.

Information preservation

This Library Has New Books by Major Authors, but They Can’t Be Read Until 2114 – thanks to David Lintern for sending me this one. I love the idea of creating a book that won’t be read for a century. We need more projects like this.


Basic Income Won’t Solve Our Crisis of Meaning – I’ve often thought about this. As more and more jobs become automated out of existence, we’ll be creating a crisis of mental health the like of which the world has possibly never seen. These are not easy problems to solve, and I’m not optimistic that humanity is wise enough to solve them.

Google Night Sight and the Importance of Photography Limitations – another Medium Members story (sorry) but also worth reading. Google’s new ‘Night Sight’ (an implementation of computational photography that enables hand-held night shots that look clear as day) could erode a fundamental limit in photography. How will that affect our creativity?

Fluff and nonsense

The fake video era of US politics has arrived on Twitter – deeply disturbing.

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Author: Alex Roddie

Writer and editor.