Entangled reads, 26 October 2018

Hello and welcome to my first weekly roundup of Entanglement-themed links from around the web. I have run a similar column on my main site for some time, and it’s proven popular. The concept is simple: every week, I post a few links I’ve found relevant and interesting.

The World Is More Complex than It Used to Be – without actually calling it by name, this is a neat summary of the Entanglement problem.

Android’s new multitasking is terrible and should be changed back – I’m not an Android user, but I find it infuriating when things are changed for no good reason. Muscle memory is important.

Gates, Allen & Yesterday’s Terabyte – “If we need to fight the scourge of fake news, we need systems of record — Google, Facebook, and Twitter — to shift from being dominated by a time-based news feed to a contextual information system. It is the only way to find facts in this world dominated by half-truths and even more half-lies.”

Gamified life – this is fascinating.

Apple News’s Radical Approach: Humans Over Machines – I’ll happily criticise Apple all day long, but they are taking the right approach here.

Header image © Shutterstock / Dario Lo Presti

Author: Alex Roddie

Writer and editor.